Simulations – Agata Borowa

? The exhibition lasts until 20th June, 2021

? Exhibition curator: Karina Dzieweczyńska

The citizens of Elbląg already had the opportunity to see the works of Agata Borowa in 2019 during the collective exhibition “The Son of Man Machine” which presented the works of students from Jarosław Modzelewski’s studio. Back then Borowa showed only two canvases. Many visitors of that exhibition could wonder if they were really painted by her. They had such a strong illusion and they could create sort of impression that they were created by a printing machine.

At that time, a decision was also made to invite the artist to organise her individual exhibition in our Gallery.

Agata Borowa is undoubtedly one of the female artists who are aware of their artistic choices. The new exhibition, which she prepared for the space of the Art Centre Galeria EL, within the 13th-century post-Dominican architecture, brings another proof of that.

In the nave, presbytery and on two floors of the gallery, Borowa presents paintings already known from such cycles as: “Water, Earth, Air”, “Is It Painted?”, “Bed Stories”. She continues these cycles all the time, creating new variants for them.

However, the main axis of the exhibition at Art Centre Galeria EL consists of new series entitled: “Black metal”, “Simulations”, “Uncertainty”. The artist has been working on them for the last two years, experimenting anew with the form and matter of the image. Her illusionist paintings perfectly deceive the eyes, introduce the viewer with a state of confusion and uncertainty, and the question most often asked before Borowa’s works: “Is it painted?” still remains very relevant.


Agata Borowa – visual and graphic artist, graduate of painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (supervisor prof. Jarosław Modzelewski) and interior design at the Białystok University of Technology.

Her works have been presented at individual and collective exhibitions (including Zachęta Project Room, Center for Contemporary Art, Warsaw; Arsenał Gallery, Białystok; BWA Zielona Góra; Labirynt Gallery, Lublin; M2 Gallery, Warsaw; Bielska BWA Gallery; Platan Gallery, Budapest). Two-time scholarship holder of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage (2011, 2006). She took part in residencies and open-air workshops in Poland and abroad (Galeria Labirynt, Lublin; Genoa, Italy; Mojacar, El Bruc, Spain; Kaunas, Lithuania). In 2015, she received EEA Grants for the implementation of the “Uzajo” workshops as part of the Brumba project, carried out with the Vlepvnet Foundation. It was a series of classes related to the notion of language, dialects and dialects. The workshops took place in Norway, Iceland and the Polish borderlands (the Political Critics Room in Cieszyn; BWA Sokół Gallery in Nowy Sącz, Villa Sokrates Foundation in Krynki; House of Culture in Krasnopol; Lithuanian House in Sejny).

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