VIDEOART | Postcard from South America

Few South-American artists among with their Polish friends joined forces to create an exhibition in the form of video installation. They created an interesting mix of cultures and showed a different point of views on this continent.

? 21st May – private view in the form of live video –  link
? The exhibition lasts from 22nd May to 1st July 2020.
? Until the further notice special visiting rules are applied.
➤ Artists:
Jannet Alvarado & Carlos Heredia /Ecuador
Julia Kurek /Poland/
Tomasz Matuszak /Poland/
Patricio Palomeque /Ecuador/
Daniela & Valentina Pena /Chile/
Aldebarán Solares /Mexico/
Arkadiusz Sylwestrowicz /Ecuador/
Priscila Urdiales /Ecuador/
Mario_Z /Chile/
Agnieszka Kulazińska
Arkadiusz Sylwestrowicz
Maciej Olewniczak
FAF Foundation Art Forma
Center of Contemporary Art Łaźnia
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